The most reliable JS library for your BeagleBone.

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OctalBonescript is a JavaScript library for controlling and programming your BeagleBone. You can create web-based applications using the power of JavaScript and control your BeagleBone right from within your browser. It runs with Node.js and supports out-of-the-box.

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Salient features

OctalBonescript.js lets you do the following and more

1. Control your BeagleBone using JavaScript
2. Built standalone web-applications hosted on BeagleBone
3. Support for Arduino-like functions to control pins
4. and Node.js compatible
5. Create software interfaces for controlling hardware
6. Continuously maintained and developed

Made by Octal

We are the people behind OctalBonescript.js

Aditya Patadia

The JavaScript programmer primarily working on the library.


Hardik Pandya

A hardware designer constantly testing and modifying the library.


Support and Questions

We wish that you enjoy using OctalBonescript.js as much as we did building it. We want you to make awesome projects and have fun.

If you run into any problems, we're always listening via email ( or @OctalHQ.

Made with love and coffee.

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